domingo, 21 de junho de 2009

Donald Duck, meu cartum na terra do Bacalhau.

Cartum para exposição em Oslo...
Fui convidado a participar desta exposição em comemoração aos 75 anos de criação do Pato Donald.
A exposição será em Oslo, na Noruega.
O convite foi feito pelo cartunista indiano Pran Kumar (que conheci no WCC - World Comics Conference- na Coreía do Sul, em 2005) e pelo organizador da expo Tor Demark.
Os participantes convidados até agora são:

Geoff Hook

William van Horn

Frank Madsen
Freddy Milton

Olivier Bordier
Thierry Cappezzone

Daan Jippes

Pran Kumar

Arne Bye
Finn Graff
Grethe & Norunn
Charlotte Helgeland
Arild Midthun
Knut Nærum
Gunnar Olsen
Solveig Muren Sanden
Håkon Aasnes
Johan Andreasson

Brian Blackmore
Thomas Bunk
Ron Dias
Al Feldstein
Ron Ferdinand
Bud Grace
Rob Klein
Vic Lockman
Alex Maher
Barry McWilliams
Monte Wolverton

Bira Dantas

Mensagem de Tor Demark:

"Dear Mr. Dantas,
In connection with the fact that Walt Disney’s Donald Duck on the 9th of June this year reached his 75th birthday, we arranged a celebration - Celebrating the Duck! - here in Oslo, Norway with guest speakers, cartoonists and a full day program. The biggest asset though, was an exhibition, where we invited cartoonists from around the world to make a cartoon of Donald the way each one looked at him, at the age of 75.

The exhibition has so far been shown only that one day in Oslo, while galleries and Art Museums will be given the chance to exhibit the so far more than 30 drawings we have received so far, in the years ahead.We received cartoons from all over the world - Canada, United States, all of Europe, Australia, not to mention India - from a mutual friend of ours - Pran Kumar. He asked us if we would send out the invitation to you as well, even though we had too little time to reach the opening day - therefore we have decided that we will extend the time limit to December 31st, 2009 - that means within Donald’s 75th year, to participate. But there are so many corners of the world which is not represented, and Pran wanted so much to help us with this by including you.

So my question is, as this is just a preliminary email - if you would like to know a little more about our exhibition, please read Pran Kumar’s email to me / us, which is pasted underneath, and send me an email, and I will send you more information on who, where, what and how. We would be honoured to have you join!So to begin with - thank you so much for reading this, and we sincerely hope that you would like to be part of this, too!"

With my best regards, Tor Ødemark

O e-mail de Pran Kumar:

"Dear Tor

You write so affectionately that an emotional person like me is bound to be moved by. In this materialistic world, men like you are very few.. We'll surely be keep in touch.Below I give you names of few internationally known cartoonists (as Bira Dantas) whom I met at International Conference of Comic Art, South Korea. You can write them giving my reference for their contribution to your Donald Duck project."

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Jean Scharlau disse...

Esse é o cara de quem o abraão Lincoln disse: você pode enganar alguns durante todo o tempo
- o cara é um pato há 75 anos!

Sensacional o desenho.